Chainge the World Bike Ride - Refuge International

Rider Comments

"Thank you for mailing my shirt and bandana to me. What a surprise to see them in the mail. I have been riding in a number of rides over the past 15 years and have missed some rides but NEVER has an event mailed my shirt to me. What a wonderful surprise! I will be back next year and hope to see you there. Thanks so much. You do make a difference!"


Routes and Maps

Eight Mile Ride

Enjoy a leisurely ride through Gilmer, Texas, and along the historical Cherokee Trace. A rest stop at 5 miles waits for you at Lake Gilmer. This ride is for those wanting an easy, leisurely ride. Cherokee Trace is a county road and has a couple of bumpy places along the way. This ride is designated with yellow markers.

13.6 km, n/a


Twenty Mile Ride

The 20-mile plus ride is a nice spin through the East Texas landscape. There are a couple of challenging hills, one of which is Barnwell Mountain. There is a rest stop at about 10 miles. A beautiful ride! This ride is designated with blue markers.

34.3 km, n/a


Forty Mile Ride

Actually 37 miles but with rolling hills and wonderful rest stops along the way - it's a terrific option on a beautiful late summer day. Travel the back roads through Upshur County and enjoy the pedaling. There are rest stops about every 10 miles. Not overly challenging but a great ride! This route is designated with green markers.

60.3 km, n/a


100 KM Ride

A wonderful ride, just shy of 100k, but your legs will feel it thanks to the rolling terrain! A challenge with lots of hills, some tougher than others. Enjoy this spin through Upshur and Camp Counties. Rest stops offer a nice break about every 10 miles. Beautiful scenery and good roads. This route is designated with red markers.

94 km, n/a