Chainge the World Bike Ride - Refuge International

Rider Comments

"Thanks for what overall was the finest ride I have done in Texas. It was great, and my wife and I will make the drive out from Dallas again next year."


About Refuge International

Mission Statement

Refuge International is a compassionate 501(c)3 volunteer organization dedicated to the goal of improving the lives of families and individuals through the collaborative development of sustainable programs in areas where healthcare, adequate nutrition, clean water and education are lacking or non-existent. Refuge International also provides opportunities for mentoring of students who wish to become involved in humanitarian efforts.

Vision Statement

We believe all of humanity is of equal worth and should have their essential needs met without regard to culture, ideology or religion. When people reach out to meet a need, those who choose to help benefit as do those who are in need. Working within these basic tenets, we hope to improve the lives of all.

Focus Areas

Health Care

Medical Mission Trips

Our volunteer medical practitioners take 10-12 trips per year to four areas of Guatemala, working with local organizations to provide basic medical and surgical care where it is most needed. Learn more...

Adios Lombrices (Goodbye Worms)

We are working to eliminate intestinal worms from the children of Guatemala, fighting malnutrition and infection. A simple, inexpensive medication makes a huge difference in children's lives. Learn more...

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission

Close to home in Longview, Texas, we help provide medical care to homeless individuals at a twice-monthly clinic. Learn more...

The Saul (Asked) Project

Saul Garcia, whose first name means "asked," asked our help with his bilateral club feet. We have assisted Saul and other children like him with life-changing orthopedic surgeries. Learn more...


In addition to preventing malnutrition by eliminating worms, we have distributed meals to hurricane survivors, and vitamins to Guatemalans of all ages. Learn more...

Clean Water

Every 8 seconds, a child dies from waterborne disease. Just $1,500 allows us to install a water pump to provide clean, safe water to an entire village. Learn more...


Guatemala has the lowest literacy rate in Latin America. We support two full-time teachers in Sarstun, and we continue our efforts to collect school supplies and dramatically increase school enrollment. Learn more...